4:13 PM

FO McCall's 6797 Easy Knit Top

So I just can't seem to get it together with blogging these days. I have been on and off with my sewing, but regardless of which, I am off on the blogging end of things. I miss blogging and reading all of my sewing, knitting, and even hair and food blogs. Life happens and we miss out on some of the previous staples of life.

I turn 40 on Pearl Harbor day. I am motivated to take time for me with both my health and hobbies. For the next 18 days, I hope to develop a habit of re-incorporating these things back into my life. I don't want to enter my forties merely focused on work or other obligations. We will see how it goes....

My latest FO is another McCall's 6797 top. I previously made this one last year after returning from my first trip to Australia. It is comfy and versatile, but the casual fabric I chose has not called for the amount of wear I had hoped it would. Here is a dressed up version that is fun and unique. I received many compliments throughout the day albeit I also had a lot of questions about what disco I would be venturing off to, as well. LOL

I cut the size large. It's a bit roomy at the neck, but perfect everywhere else - probably due to the low stretch the knit fabric has in it.  I do believe I may make this again, but not for a little while. I have many patterns to tear into during this last bit of my thirties.

5:29 PM

New Pattern! FO Sandpoint Top

So I was a pattern tester for the new Sandpoint Top created by Seattle-based independent designer Helena at Gray All Day. I really love this top! I love how simple it is with the extra design feature in the back. It is very flattering and extremley comfortable. This knit top is a definite staple and not the last one to be added to my wardrobe. I have already cut out a second one to put on my sewing table this evening. I paired it with my go-to leggings, McCall's 6173 in a brown double knit I whipped up while watching Project Runway last night. Stay tuned for version 2!

2:08 PM

FO - Koko Top by Named Pattern

I have been sewing and wearing new pieces, just not taking any photos to brag about them. Here is a new top that I made using the indie company Named. I purchased three patterns from them so far. Here's my first finished piece, the Koko top. I really like the lace insert detailing and sleeves.

This is a comfy top that I've paired with faux leather leggings as well as this circle skirt. Jeans, shorts, or even a maxi skirt would also pair well. I will be making more of these in the future, for sure. The fabric works well enough, but a more stable knit might have worked a bit better. The pattern called for a light knit fabric for the bodice, but I would prefer a bit thicker to cover trouble spots better. Still love it, though!

In non-sewing news, my Mother just left after flying to visit my Sister and I for a women's conference that was being held at my Church. It was an amazing time and I already miss her. She did manage to snag my last two Collete pattern dresses that I made, so she left happy. Of course that means I need to make more. Not a problem...

5:16 PM

RTW-Knock Off Made-Maxi

Here is another maxi dress that I've created recently. My knitting friend Margaret has been learning to sew with me and has really helped with my mojo. She had a few RTW items that she loved, but can no longer buy as they were discontinued. What's a girl to do, but knock it off? While the dress is actually short, I made this version into a maxi of sorts. It's a great black and white striped fabric picked up on a trip with Margaret to Yardage Town.

Nothing more to say about this one except it's comfy and a great addition to my ever growing stash of maxi dresses. Lord knows, I can't seem to get enough. Working late tonight, but still have plans for a jumper if time permits.....

5:41 PM

FOs - Moneta and Knit Top with Faux Leather Leggings

Clearly I have been sewing up a storm. Unfortunately my ability to blog about it is another story. I finally took out some sweater knit fabric and sewed a top. I am LOVING this outfit! I can't lie. From the faux leather leggings using my TNT McCall's 6173 pattern to the easy, two piece sweater using an old pattern I had in my stash but never tried before (McCall's 6204). I have already made another sweater top in a less gauzy, more casual fabric. All fabric from this post were inexpensive finds (think a couple bucks each) at the National City Swap Meet.

So I also have been in love with making Colette Patterns lately. Here is my first Moneta.  It will probably be one of several. I also made a top using Colette's Myrtle pattern. Pics to come once I wear it to work. I love the neckline (hard to see from the picture) and the in seam pockets. It is comfortable and a great wardrobe addition for my casual workplace.

Anywho - time to run, here's to getting my sewing mojo back *squeal*.