4:33 PM

FO - Linda Stretch Pant from Style Arc

Say it ain't so? I have finally made a pair of pants that I am going to blog about. There was the great leggings adventure of 2013 that never made its debut which is crazy since I made over 20 pairs of leggings counting the 8 I made for my sister. I is a pair of pants sewn yesterday evening that I am actually posting on my blog today. Score one for Susan.

This is my first pattern from Style Arc. I made the Linda Stretch Pant in a size 10, omitting the optional 2" elastic in the waist band. I think I should probably serge the waistband in a tad since I did find myself hiking up the pants a few times during the day. All-in-all this is a great pattern that was quick and easy to make. They are comfy and stylish at the same time.

The fabric is also from Style Arc. It's their stretch bengaline. So far so good, other than a bit of wrinkling in the front after a full day's wear. There are only three pattern pieces and other than topstitching the waistband, this was all completed on my serger. With three more pieces of fabric, there are several more of these pants in my very near future. Stay tuned...(I also type that? lol)

10:57 AM

FO McCall 6398 Tunic and McCall 6173 Leggings

I made this tunic and leggings a few weeks back, but didn't have a chance to post. The leggings don't have the right amount of stretch, so I'm going to make another grey pair, but the pattern is still my go-to for leggings.

I made the tunic with sweater knit fabric.  It's comfy and a quick throw-on outfit. The back at the top could be taken in a bit, mostly due to the top fabric choice, over pattern issues. My family and I don't actually celebrate Halloween, which can be hard on the younger ones. My current tradition is to take the day off and go to the San Diego Aquarium with my little one. This year, I took my Sister's youngest son also. Here is a picture taken by Dawson during our trip.

Next up, a bias cut top and more leggings. I'm back onto working out so I don't want to make a bunch of structured outfits that I can't wear after losing a bit of weight. Leggings and tunics are perfect while I transition back to my desired size.

4:58 PM

FO McCall 6205 Printed Tunic

 My latest FO is McCall 6205 Tunic. I'm pairing it with my new go-to-leggings pattern (McCall 6193). This is very different from my usual projects. I bought the fabric on a National City Swap Meet Run with my friend Latrice a while back. I found the fabric in two fabrics and was so excited at the opportunity to mix them into one garment.

This is a huge departure from my normal sewing choices, but such a great top. It is flowy and comfy, while still offering some style. It does run a bit large so I made the small size and then used a woven fabric instead of the knit fabric it calls for.

10:40 AM

FO Overload...Catching Up Some and Australian Adventures

So I have actually been sewing up a storm. I have gained some weight from all the travelling and eating without exercise so my clothes were way to snug too be work appropriate. I sewed a bunch of maxi skirts to wear to the trade-show I exhibited at in Australia. I also enjoyed some family-time with my friend Brandi when I returned and we were able to get out to her old knitting group and do go fabric shopping for a sweatshop legging adventure. I'm continuing on my legging and maxi skirt kick since it's an easy wardrobe builder while I work on re-losing my once lost weight.

McCall 6797 top at left & McCall 6193 leggings for all three pics
with  previously blogged Simplicity 6780 purple top on the right
So I didn't get a chance to meet any fellow craftsters while in Australia, but really did appreciate all of the emails I received with people sending me options of where to go and who might be available to meet. I have another business trip in less than two weeks to China, so I will make a point to get to the fabric stalls, despite the quick 4-day adventure.

This is a simple knit top that I made a few months back for my sister. I can't remember the pattern number, though. I'm also cutting some basic knit tops this weekend to go with the leggings as well.

So here are the four maxi skirts I made using McCall 6654. It's a quick and easy pattern with a narrower version (my striped one) and fuller versions (the other three). I did not manage to get a picture of my red version outside of Brandi snapping me at Yardage Town on our shopping adventure before knitting *don't judge. ha ha*. I have already cut another version so there will be more of these soon.

8:54 PM

FO McCall's 6559 - Rainbow Maxi and Me-Made Necklace

So I have made this maxi-dress over a dozen times. I have actually lost count the exact number. I don't care, it's been a horrible heat wave in San Diego so I've been living in these happily. This one is my rainbow version that I made last night.  I have made two maxi skirts this weekend as well, but they are already packed for my business trip to AUSTRALIA! I fly out on Friday evening. So - I'm trying to jazz things up for my trip.

I hope to check out fabric/yarn stores and maybe even meet a Brisbane blogger or two, should the opportunity arise (hint, Anyway, with very little time to go, I have plans for 2 more shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and another dress.  Even I'm smart enough to know that won't happen, but at least my sewing mojo seems to be back in full effect.

Oh - in other news, I recently had a sizeable amount of hair chopped bringing me one cut away to fully natural (relaxer free). Now that I have a curly natural cutie, I want her proud of her hair and not to feel like she needs to chemically straighten it to be beautiful. So I'm going lead by example and rock my curls.